Prevention and Early Access Program for Seniors

Welcome to the Prevention and Early Access Program for Seniors!

It’s important for people to remember most of us can have times when we feel depressed, overwhelmed or anxious. We may even have periods when we experience high levels of stress and can’t cope. For some people these feelings become enveloping. There is no single way to develop a mental illness, but there are well known contributing elements such as genetic factors combined with stressors, such as: loss of loved ones, chronic pain, chronic illness, loss of independence, war related distress, trauma, poverty, isolation and lack of family or friends. Mental illnesses can occur in combination with substance and/or alcohol abuse. No matter how or why people develop mental health challenges, there is usually some form of help available which can help improve quality of life. The ultimate goal of the Prevention and Early Access Program is to get the word out that help is available! It’s normal for people to feel overwhelmed and to need a little TLC to help them through difficult times. It is important to ask for help!

PEAS Brochure 2016

PEAS Brochure 2016 (Spanish)

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