About Us

In November 2004, California voters passed Proposition 63, known as the Mental Health Services Act or MHSA. MHSA imposes a 1% income tax on personal income in excess of $1 million. MHSA addresses a broad continuum of prevention, early intervention and service needs and the necessary infrastructure, technology and training elements that will effectively support this system.

The Area Agency on Aging (AAoA) was selected through a grant process to serve older adults (60+) throughout Solano County with Prevention and Early Intervention services. The Prevention and Early Access for Seniors Program (PEAS) has four components of service: Outreach/Education: Community Gatekeeper Education, to include Stigma Reducing Outreach, Mental Health Education workshops, ASIST and SafeTALK suicide training, and a Peer Volunteer program; Case Management: both Brief and Comprehensive case management to help improve the quality of life of clients; Clinical Psychotherapy: home-based counseling services only available to current PEAS client’s. A referral can be made for therapy, but the client also has to need case management; Support Groups: Grandparent’s Raising Grandchildren support group and a Mental Health Support Group.

The rationale for success and the impact of the program is evidenced by increased collaboration with the community partners to provide community resources and mental health services to greater numbers of older adults, especially to those underserved or not served at all. This helps to increase their awareness and accessibility by improving their quality of life to remain as safe and independent as possible in their homes and communities, while also helping to reduce depression, isolation, anxiety, suicide and alcohol or drug abuse.

To make a referral or to seek assistance, please call: 707-644-6612 xt 221  – ask for a PEAS Navigator. For more information regarding Gatekeeper training or health provider education opportunities please call – 707-644-6612 xt 214 or 707-628-9805.