Case Management Services

Case Management Services

**All services also offered specifically for Latino’s in either Spanish or English

PEAS offers Brief and Comprehensive Case Management Services. Once a referral is made, the person being referred will be contacted for an intake assessment over the phone. It will be decided after this intake if Brief or Comprehensive Case Management services are needed. If Brief services are needed, the case will be opened in a short period of time, approximately two weeks. If Comprehensive Case Management services are needed, the case will be put on our waiting list and assigned to a Case Manager when the case reaches the top of the list (usually 2 months out).

There is no income requirement to receive services. The program is completely free.

Our Case Management services provide extra support to our clients by linking them to resources in the community to improve their quality of life. These resources/services can include:




Socialization (i.e. senior centers, libraries, etc.)

Health insurance connection

➤ Support and connection with medical care needs

➤ Mental Health and Support Group services

*To make a referral please visit our Referral page.