Gatekeeper Program

**Gatekeeper Trainings also available in Spanish

Certain senior members of the community are more at risk for developing mental health challenges and are therefore particularly in need of alert observations by Gatekeepers. This high risk category includes those seniors who may:

  • Live alone
  • Have low income
  • Have limited support
  • Have recently experienced losses such as death of a spouse or other family members, pets, loss of a job or income source and loss of a driver’s license
  • Have recently experienced illness or who have progressive or chronic illness

People who live and work in Solano County are in the best position to recognize early signs or changes in behavior of seniors that may indicate the beginning of mental or emotional distress. Our universal prevention strategy addresses the high rates of depression and isolation amongst our seniors. Collectively, these programs will increase the likelihood more people will get the intervention they need to avoid a mental health crisis.

The Community Educator is available to provide FREE Gatekeeper Training to any group or individual in Solano County.  Please contact Tracee Stacy at 707-644-6612 xt 214 to schedule a training.

Gatekeeper Peer Volunteers:

PEAS is always looking for Gatekeepers that want to go the extra step and help train peer’s in the community about being a Gatekeeper to help seniors. The Gatekeeper Peer Volunteer would be trained to teach their peer’s and community members to be Gatekeepers. Possible Stipend available for committed trainers. Call Tracee Stacy at 707-644-6612 xt 214 to discuss volunteer opportunities.