I wanted to let you know that I will be leaving La Clinica, moving to Ohio. I have greatly appreciated all of your support, hard work, and advocacy of myself and my patients – I couldn’t have asked for better community partners. Again thanks for all. Please pass the word along and please send my gratitude as well.

Renee Orozco, Psy.D. | La Clinica Vallejo Medical

It is a breath of fresh air to finally have somewhere to refer older adults for support and help. Before PEAS, there were little to no services available to serve our senior mental health community. PEAS has been able to handle all the different levels of need I see. I think it’s even more helpful that they are open-minded and acknowledge that many seniors with mental health needs are not diagnosed with mental illness.

Thank you for all you do for our Seniors! | Lauren Rolfe, CA Senior Legislative Assembly Member, SC Senior Coalition

I am writing in strong support and gratitude for the support Prevention and Early Access for Seniors (PEAS) has provided my patients. As a Clinical Psychologist working with a very economically strained and emotionally oppressed population, PEAS services have been a beacon of hope. One of many patient examples follows. My patient “Gladys” had suffered from long term depression, isolation, and loneliness. After multiple attempts at exercise and talk therapy, I referred Gladys to PEAS. Through the support of PEAS home visits, resources, and special attention to the needs of elders – Glady’s symptoms and affect are greatly improved. As a result, PEAS has become a critical resource in support of my elder patients.

Renee M. Orozco, Psy.D. | Behavioral Health Specialist | La Clinica de La Raza

Every day I receive referrals from seniors with low income challenges that need lots of support to stay in the community. Many seniors are isolated and suffering from depression and/or anxiety. Typically I would do what I could to refer these seniors and their families to community resources but since I am not a case management program I was never sure what would come of the many clients I wasn’t able to serve. I refer to the PEAS program regularly and they have been a huge blessing to the Seniors’ and families I send them. I have seen complete transformations in people’s lives because someone cared enough to help them change their circumstances.

Thank you PEAS! | Juliana Williams, Aging Care Connect